18 juli 2006


TWO WEEKS IN SHARM EL SHEIK, EGYPT!!!! YEHO!!! We stayed at a great 4-star all inclusive hotel: Club Reef :-) We spent one day in Cairo and saw the pyramids, we rode on camels, tried snorkelling and climbed the Moses mountain (2285 m) +++! Here is some pictures:

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Kim Hyuna sa...

How was your trip to Egypt??Did you enjoy perfec suntan??
Most pictures dosen't look like Egypt except Pyramid picture..keke
It's much cleaner and more beatiful than that I imaged. Cause 4 stars hotel??.:> Why don't you update more pictures??

Your sister looks like you.^^.

I'm planning a next summer trip to Spain aleady. keke.. so much plenty of time..I can't form an exact date, but I guess from the late Semptember to the early August,Korean Thanksgivings day(Chu-seok), during about 12 days~. If you stay Barcelona untill next year, we can meet~..^^

These days,,so hot;;..^^,Take care~

Shannon sa...

you're quite the world traveler! everything looked like so much fun - i hope you had a wonderful time. Where will you go next?

Katrine sa...
Denne kommentaren har blitt fjernet av en bloggadministrator.
Katrine sa...

Hey Shannon! How are you doing? As you can see on my blog my next trip is to Barcelona. I'm going to "work" here for 6 month :-)